Food For Thought

“Food insecurity” describes households that are so financially stretched that they cannot guarantee regular meals for all household members. The Food For Thought Backpack Program was started in May of 2012 to help children with a high risk of food insecurity. In Snohomish County 21.2% of children (or 36,130 children) experience childhood hunger or food insecurity every day!

Marysville School District 2011 statistics show that 75% of elementary students use Free/Reduced meals. What happens to these children when the school week is over? This number is almost certainly higher today due to the poor economy and increased unemployment in our community.

The goal of the Food For Thought Backpack Program is to help relieve childhood hunger by providing nutritious weekend meals to students during the school year. Food For Thought Backpacks consist of meals for both Saturday and Sunday.

Contents One Item for each Day
Breakfast Instant oatmeal, box cereal, Pop Tart, shelf stable milk
Lunch Mac & Cheese, Top Ramen, Cup of Soup or Campbell’s soup, juice
Snack Fruit snack, granola bar, cheese/crackers, carrot sticks, Apple/banana or Oranges, juice
Dinner Chef Boyardee Meal, Kids Complete Meal, ravioli, chili, shelf stable milk
Dessert Pudding or Fruit Cup

We are currently helping 20 students and hoping to up that to 40-60 students for the 2012-2013 school year.

Call Amy at 360-658-1054 if you would like to help with this program. To donate press Donate button and enter Food For Thought in the memo section. Your donation will be used to purchase food for hungry children in need.

Thank You!

I rec’d an email this morning from one of the school counselor that we provide the weekend food packs to with our Food For Thought program. She had a conversation with one of the students that receive the packs….

Student- (on Tuesday morning 1/29) When do we get our bags?
Me- not until Friday.
Student- aw, I cant wait!
Me- why do you like it?
Student- it makes me feel nice.
Me- How does it make you feel nice?
Student- It makes me feel full.

This brought tears to my eyes with sadness and joy. Sadness in just knowing that there are kids out there going hungry and joy for the fact that we are able to help.

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