2012 Annual Letter Carriers Food Drive

Saturday May 12th is the annual Letter Carriers Food Drive. Please fill up the yellow bag that will be distributed to you soon with nonperishable food and place it at your mailbox on the morning of the 12th.

The significance of the Letter Carriers Food Drive for our neighbors in need is huge. The food collected during this drive is what feeds community members through the summer months when the kids are home from school.

The two times a the year that food bank shelves get well stocked are during the holidays and the Letter Carriers Food Drive. It is the inventory from these two events that provide a significant portion of the food given out during the course of the year. Holiday food drive donations hopefully get us to May, and the Letter Carriers Food Drive donations hopefully get us to the holiday food drives.

In Marysville we have seen a 20% decrease in donations through this food drive for two consecutive years. The number of families coming to the Food Bank in need of support has grown 8% this year alone. These are two curves going in the wrong direction. As this community is so supportive of each other, I think that once folks hear what about this trend, they will respond in a big way. Let’s hit the 40,000 pound mark reached in 2009!

Holiday Support

The Marysville Community Food Bank successfully served all folks who came to us for support for the holidays. Over 1,100 children received toys and 550 families received Christmas food baskets. Thank you to the countless donors for your tremendous support!